Mobile APPlication Development

You just cannot do without Flowint when it comes to mobile apps development. This Copenhagen based company is literally serving as a one-stop shop for every kind of mobile application that you need to develop. Smartphones have changed the concept of staying connected in a way that few could ever imagine even ten years ago. It is virtually acting as your computer that you can carry easily. Trust Vivanta Technologies to grasp this reality and reinvent while working with the best mobile application development company in Copenhagen. It would, therefore, be wise to approach the company, if you want to develop various tech apps connected with your smartphone today.

Sure, you can talk, communicate, listen to music, shop, play, and stay informed at the same time in today’s world. The only thing you require is to download the app that satisfies your need. Check out the expertise of Flowint that has dedicated teams for iOS, Android or any other cross-platform. Apart from working on the requisite codes and framework, the teams are well adept at handling Flash, Unity3D, Carona, and Cocos2D that are necessary for developing various apps and/or games playable on your mobile phone.

Manage your business better with Android apps

The customer’s needs and wants are almost endless and their expectations keep on increasing. Do not get bothered about demanding customers as Flowint can arm you with the right enterprise solution for your business by developing the right kind of Android Application for you that can make your customers happy and help you to grow your business. As a Android Apps Development Company, we can equip you with multi tasking software solutions that will increase the process efficiencies and reduce the turnaround time of your business thereby putting it in the fast track of growth. We design the Android apps to exploit the characteristics and functionalities of the robust platform to the fullest which will enable you to use the app in adding value to your business process that would translate into better return on investment.

At Flowint, we promote cost effective Android apps development with a view to make the technology available to all so that its numerous features can be used to the fullest in deriving business benefits. Regardless of the business size, the apps can be tailored to meet the requirements of small, medium and big business houses with the same degree of reliability and effectiveness. Our Android apps development services ensure that your app is optimized for look, performance, speed and feel on Android driven devices from KitKat to Ice cream Sandwich.

Experience is very important and you must always check if the company or the professional you plan to hire has enough experience in the field of app development and its marketing. Marketing is another very important area because just by having an android app you cannot achieve success. You can be a winner only when people use it. Ask for some portfolio screen-shots of some work done in the past.

Our capabilities

For design, development, testing and deployment of Android Apps, we have the most experienced team of Android developers. Our expertise can be felt in:

  • Software development kit for Android.
  • Location based service APIs.
  • Android media APIs.
  • 3D Graphics.
  • Open GL.
  • Android Security Architecture.
  • Wi Fi APIs.

Not limiting to the above, we are conversant with all other technologies that go into the making of high-quality Android apps.

iPhone apps are the right choice for your business

At Flowint Aps, we have been thinking technology since our inception and can use the power of iOS to develop apps for iPhones. We are product specialists who build great apps for web platforms and mobile devices. Share your idea with us, tell us about your target audience and your goals, how you want to service your audience to address their needs and we will provide you with the most appropriate solution for developing the right app for iPhone. As a premier iPhone application development company, we feel privileged in being able to develop the app that meets the stringent requirements of the developers and unlike Android app development, each product has to be approved by the developer to find a place in the app store.

What we do

We can help companies with all aspects of iPhone app development – from devising strategies on inception, to mobile user interface design, development of the app and then getting it live in the App Store. Our team of architects, producers and strategists will work closely with you to understand your vision so as to develop the idea from the seed and then hand it over to the developers for converting it into the technological marvel of an app.

The impact of apps

The apps have a remarkable impact on businesses both large and small. The potential of apps is best demonstrated with its ability to increase the customer base by utilizing the applications of iPhone. Our team of experts determines the ways in which the iPhone is connected to your business ideas and objectives and based on it; design the process of development of the app. To make the app a success, we will select the right kind of app for you with the right functionality and provide you with the right support to achieve the right roll out for the app.

The process

We will sit with you to understand what you want to achieve and how. We would also know about your target audience and their needs. Our team of architects and producers will then get to work for blossoming your idea into a concept for marketing. The developers will carry this concept further and place it on the technological platform of iOS to give birth to a package named app that can meet the aspirations of your target audience. During the process of development, you will be continuously updated on the progress and there will be exchanges happening with our team that will add value to the product.