Flowint Core Methods

Our unique Core Methods are based on agile continuous improvement through the use of processes, data, feedback, and user-driven co-creative innovation.

It aims at simplifying and aligning key areas of business operations – leading to increasing the capability of your company. Flowint is unique by its coherent impact and support for the development of capability across key areas in a typical SME. Our solution provides business process architecture to act as a synergistic system to support the dynamic nature of your company.

Traditional business systems cannot do this. They are static monolithic systems which don’t respond well to feedback. They can hardly be changed by the company working with them to adjust to the continuous challenges and realities they face on the market. This makes companies highly dependent and slow to adapt.

We not only provide a visual representation of processes. Superusers can generate execution paths for operational processes – which helps people to not fall back on old habits because the new process they decide together becomes SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). SOPs are not just instructions – they are saved as operational execution. This is possible because Flowint works like an interactive digital robot that leads users to execute operations just the right way – consistently across all parts of the company. This makes new processes follow-up mandatory – and accepts feedback and fast change in order to meet the changing markets.  

Flowint is a digital solution that allows:

  •  Generation of operational business processes
  •  Operational execution of the processes
  •  Process mining based on usage and process execution
  •  Monitoring performance
  •  Unmatched transparency from high to low level of the processes occurring within a company
  •  Top-down analysis of the whole company and the existing processes
  •  Visualizing problems and potentials for optimization across the company

We offer business processes out of the box – industry related. You can use them, improve upon them in a simple way or generate new ones. 

The FlowConfigurator allows for feedback and very fast modification of processes (in hours or minutes for small changes). This means our tool encourages collaboration and co-creation. It gives direct influence on how things are done, to the people who are executing the processes in their daily work – without the need of IT-consultants.

The ability to involve everybody in the co-creative process generation and continuous improvement based on feedback creates a positive synergy between departments. This way, all perspectives are involved in taking the company to the next level of capability maturity.