With FlowDesigner you can design and automate interactive processes just as you wish – without programming and without the need for IT people.

There may be small changes – or a whole new process – or profound end-to-end optimization across departments and responsibilities.

Perhaps you want an existing process to be changed in a few places. It may take only ½ hours to make these changes. Then FlowRobot will immediately perform the process in the new way.

You may also get an idea for a new process for a task that has not yet been digitized. If this is a simple task, the process may be built in an hour. Depending on how comprehensive and complex the task is, it may take longer to a) the construction process, b) test if it works as you wish, c) make changes, d) test again, etc. until … x) the process is running as you wish .

You can make changes and test the process immediately after you reach the desired result – without involving IT people.

You get the most out of FlowDesigner when you involve skills in process optimization. Not IT specialists – but specialists in business processes.

For example, if you Working according to LEAN principles, you can translate Value Analysis directly into digital process. And you can develop a continuous improvement culture based on KAIZEN.

You will also be able to achieve improvements by involving employees in optimizing processes.

Through daily work, the employees build detailed experience and knowledge about processes. It is those who notice any inappropriate factors. They know where and what can be improved.

Through interdisciplinary dialogues and experiments, suggestions and ideas can often be developed into innovative and value-creating solutions. And when creative potentials are released and employees directly influence co-creation of processes, commitment and ownership are strengthened.