Execute business strategy

Is your business strategy executed every day - in every activity?

Execution of business strategy is one of the critical challenges to grow a business. However, several surveys point at the difficulties for companies implementing a strategy in daily operations throughout the organization.

  • ♦ A CEO survey shows that 70% of the companies are unable to execute the strategy
  • ♦ A survey on the strategy implementation, 10% of CEO believed that the strategy would be implemented as desired but the big problem was that 95% of the employees do not understand the content of the strategy. One more critical issue is that the executives were not spending sufficient time to discuss the strategy development.
  • ♦ A survey involving 800 top leaders, 50% said that they are dissatisfied with their strategy implementation effort. 80% consider their way of implementation is inadequate, and most importantly 44% stated that they lack methods to implement the business strategy.

This hinders their business growth.

In traditional business environments, it is typically a major challenge to build the necessary knowledge for all employees consistently across the whole organization. To implement the strategy requires to communicate and follow up on a strategy during a longer period of implementation. When using traditional approaches to communication, this process becomes inefficient and maybe even too complex to work. At the same time, your people are busy keeping the daily operations running. This makes strategy communication lose focus.

Flowint eases this challenge by a very efficient way of communicating the strategy in terms of tangible business processes. This, in a very practical way, leads the employees into a solid understanding of how the strategy is being implemented and executed. More, your team can give feedback and influence each process making use of their practical experience gained so far (Learn more about Strengthen in-house competencies).

Flowint is the solution to implement your strategy in everyday operations

Due to our unique core methods (Learn more about flowint core methods), Flowint brings methodical solutions to close the gap of business strategy development and robust implementation.

By implementing your strategy using Flowint, you translate your business strategy directly into daily operational processes which lead to the final strategy being followed step by step by everyone - every day. Everybody in the company will have to follow the new flow of processes to complete their job. This means the strategy will be implemented as desired.

By using Flowint cloud solution, your company implements business strategy step by step with 100% transparency and real-time view of progress. Flowint architecture is developed in a way that you can evaluate your strategy following the actions of the team members. If operations are not designed correctly and inadequate action has been taken, you can change operations in the runtime to progress your strategy. However, since a super-user would set the processes for the rest of the team, inadequate action probability is greatly reduced.

The benefits of this are clear. The strategy can be implemented without a huge amount of effort to communicate and bring everyone on the same page. If something doesn’t work, (because the strategy needs to be updated according to market) the processes can be changed or new processes for new problems can be generated.

The results of implementing your plans and having flexibility to reflect the market will take your company to the next level. It will mean you not only do the talk but walk the path laid down in the strategy. This will give your company better chances to compete in today’s global market.