Improve customer experience

How do your customers experience your business?

Your customer is your lifeline to run your business. The more robust your customers experience is - the more opportunity for your business to increase business ROI. Your people do their best to serve your customers, based on their individual perceptions and skills. However, it may be a challenge to gain systematic and factual knowledge about how you customers REALLY experience doing business with your company.

Customer experience is about human interaction and solving problems. Often times under very stressful situations for your business. It is difficult for businesses to evaluate the customer experience effectively. There are numbers of challenges which have an impact on your business customer experience.

One of the challenges is to ensure that your business has high-quality interactions with your customers. Even if your business does have the high-level interaction with your clients and collect actionable data from the communication, this info is not used all the time. Data is not used in systematic ways to improve the customer experience due to lack of proper use of factual knowledge. Another big challenge is getting your businesses to understand what your factual data means to your business and how to propose solutions according to the customers' demand.

To improve the customer experience for long-term, your company needs to change the processes of product creation, distribution, and service. The companies that can deliver personalized service or better customer service will be able to create and build relationships to positively impact bottom line revenues and profitability. This is important because a study found that:

♦ Every 1 dollar invested in the customer experience returns 3 dollars to the business.

Most large organizations also find customer-centricity approach is hampered due to lack of cooperation across organization silos. The right technology can help, either by using one platform or through integration. You can find out below what Flowint co-creation core methods offer to your business.

These kinds of problems Flowint solves by establishing operational practices to build factual knowledge about customers demand, expectation, and outcome. Flowint system will help you to learn your customer better through systematic ways and improve your business operational interactions with customers. Flowint enables a company to establish and manage operational practices by using customers data from your business.

Since customer experience data is significant for your business to grow revenue Flowint solution makes sure that you always have the right data set to improve your customer experience. Therefore, Flowint process mining solution integrates all of data and conversations into one system, as well as equipping staffs with the right tools to build the right customers solution.

Flowint is your toolbox to improve customer experience

Due to our unique Core Methods (Learn more about Flowint Core Methods), Flowint brings methodical solutions to improve customer experience by offering a tool to customize your digital processes and services based on your customers need.

Flowint architecture is based on its ability to generate new business processes almost instantly. This means that by analyzing feedback and finding key points of improvement, you can generate new processes which help solve the customer issues in real time.

Flowint encourages collaboration and can bring to the surface the knowledge that your customer support and business team gathers. It can increase the involvement of employees and customers in building new processes which make work easier. All is based on our core method: the ability to change processes fast and easy. This is done with transparency so everybody in the company can learn about the process and bring their specialty to the table.

That will enable your company to :

♦ Generate business processes that can capture feedback from customers systematically

♦ Analyze and translate and make changes accordingly so that your business customer experience improve accordingly.

Flowint solution helps your business to acquire knowledge to optimize your process continuously. With Flowint you can change the flows and processes fast and precise without any coding. You can make small changes within a few minutes and the execution can follow immediately.

From the User-driven approach, you may implement discrete ways to get customer feedback e.g. by systematically embedding simple questions asked by your sales support while interacting with customers and/or you may take it further and involve your customers directly in designing customized digital processes for your customer services. 

If the company gets serious about the collected feedback it can become comfortable with measuring, implementing, change and creating a business loop driven by customer needs.

That means that you can:

♦ Systematically collect customer feedback - in order to attain factual knowledge about what your customers really experience doing business with you

♦ Methodically translate factual knowledge into a change of operations - in order to improve the customer experience

♦ Ensure that change of operations apply efficiently to all parts of your business

Your company has a lot to gain from serving your customer’s needs and everyone in the company should be involved in this process. Increasing your capability to handle customer requests and follow-up consistently is only can deliver by Flowint process mining architectural methodical solution.