Strengthen inhouse competencies

Do your in-house competencies match the complexity of your daily operations and future growth?

It takes capable people to run and grow a business. Especially small businesses and their teams need to be able to handle several different functions, not necessarily part of their core competencies. SMEs are also typically challenged by vast numbers of different issues to take care of during daily operations. The need to develop and grow the business comes on top of handling the daily operations successfully. This puts a big time, effort and pressure on everybody.

Developing and growing your business to a higher level of maturity, you need to address and align a range of key areas of your company - such as strategic planning and implementation, measuring performance, improving business processes, improving customer experience, product development, etc. However, it takes knowledge and skills beyond the competencies related to your markets, products, and operations to develop your business to a higher level of maturity. And it’s a major challenge for many SMEs to maintain the presence of those competencies within the company. Hence, projects to change and develop the company may be difficult to attain due to the lack of in-house competencies.

Digitalization is such an area, where many companies lack sufficient in-house competencies. Not only the technological aspects  - but rather the ability to use digitalization as a platform to develop your business to a higher level of maturity - to become more competitive.

SMEs are often on a tight budget that does not allow them much maneuverability in terms of hiring highly educated specialist. Therefore, it is very important to give the right tools to your people and empower them to take your business into the digital future.

We are advocating for strengthening your in-house competencies by giving your existing employees ownership and better tools to improve your business processes. Your business processes constitute the ways to create value for your customers - and profit for you. The people running the daily operations, sales and customer support have valuable knowledge and experience. They work with the regular processes, with the problems that arise; through or around them. We believe that your team, by using our process platform, can create a synergy which matches the need to hire a highly skilled specialist or consultants. Your people are usually looking forward to upskilling or to move horizontally in doing new things in the company. Gather your team around our platform and let them explore ways to do things in more efficient manners and grow together with the company.

Flowint is a web-based solution that can bring all your employees on the same page. Flowint doesn’t require specialist knowledge. It is a platform for your employees to improve digital business processes fast and easy - without the needs of IT-people. Flowint offers a very flexible platform which contains processes you can typically find in SMEs. We have process templates premade for various domains of activity and you can generate new processes very fast. Flowint can help your company’s processes move into digital.

Flowint is the platform that enables your people to optimize your operations

Due to our unique Core Methods  (Learn more about Flowint Core Methods), Flowint brings methodical solutions to develop your company by strengthening in-house competencies. Our methods will increase the involvement of your team to bring their knowledge into play to improve operations - and decrease the need to hire more people and consultants.

We offer a digital process platform that doesn’t require specialist knowledge. It gives ways of visualizing operations from high to low levels. This allows the management to see the bottlenecks and know where to focus the improvements which will bring the greatest benefits.

We not only provide a visual representation of processes. Superusers can generate execution paths for operational processes; greatly reducing the chance for mistakes from the people doing the steps in the process. Flowint helps people to not fall back on old habits because the new process they decide together becomes SOP (Standard Operating Procedure). SOPs are not just instructions - they are saved as operational execution. This is because Flowint works like an interactive digital robot that leads users to execute operations just the right way - consistently across all parts of the company.  

All this allows your people to use their own expertise when it comes to improving the business. By implementing improvements, small or big, continuously as the ideas and insights come along, your business can flourish. Continuously improving the operations step by step using Flowint, will consolidate the ongoing evolution of your company.

Our suggestion is to get your people involved, to collaborate, co-create and modify the processes to be followed. This way, the competences of each will add to the synergy of the solution. Giving the opportunity to change the ways of their work will make your people more involved. Involvement and co-creation bring a feeling of ownership that increases employee satisfaction, engagement, creativity, and productivity. Our tool can help your business reach the strategic goals and meet the challenges of changing markets with the help of everyone in the company.